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Lewis Energy Group is the leader in Natural Gas and is committed to responsibly developing natural resources by employing techniques in conjunction with our world class talent, while also building and maintaining strong relationships with and within our communities.


Rod Lewis began working as a gauger in Webb and La Salle Counties, Texas, betmgm online live dealer gamein 1978. In the early eighties he used the knowledge and experience gained as a gauger plus a $13,000 loan to buy his first natural gas well in the area he knew best. He then acquired other area wells, began drilling his own wells in the tight gas sands and began acquiring the pipelines and oilfield equipment necessary to control his own destiny. This was the beginning of what is now Lewis Energy Group.

Lewis’ focus on its core area in Webb and La Salle Counties, Texas and on controlling its destiny never waned. Lewis was a pioneer of the Eagle Ford gas play BetMGM Online Live Casinowhen it emerged, and Eagle Ford development has led to Lewis becoming one of the top natural gas producers in the State of Texas.

In addition to its core business in South Texas, Lewis maintains operations in Mexico and Colombia. In 2004, Lewis was awarded a contract by Pemex covering almost 100,000 acres in Mexico, just across the border from Lewis’ South Texas land position. Lewis drilled the first Eagle Ford well in Mexico in 2010 and continues working towards full development of the block. In addition, Lewis began investing in oil and gas development in BetMGM Online BettingColombia in 2003 and began operating in Colombia in 2008.

From Rod’s original beginning in the South Texas fields, the Lewis team has kept its identity as a bold and decisive privately-owned company that now spans half the globe.

Mission Statement

We will capitalize on current assets and capabilities across our organization to successfully investigate and explore areas of opportunity in our domestic and international oil and gas plays. We will regularly and consistently engage all opportunities to expand and enlarge our successful and time-tested BetMGM Online Live Casinovertical integration model. We will promote a culture of exceptional performance by insisting on:
  • Safety
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Team work
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Respect for the communities in which we operate
  • Environmental stewardship

Vision Statement

Lewis Energy Group will deliver industry leading returns on E&P and Midstream domestic and international investments and operations by employing state-of-the-art vertical integration techniques in conjunction with world class talent..