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Lewis Energy Group uses its decades of experience in oil and gas exploration and production in South Texas to perfect the skill of drilling, completing, gathering, and operating in very challenging plays while keeping costs under control. To better control costs and performance, Lewis Energy Group integrates oilfield services and midstream business units with its E&P company in South Texas. Critical pieces of Lewis’s vertical integration business model include Sabino Energy Services, Lewis Resource betmgm online casino reviewsManagement and Navarro Midstream Services, all of which are based in Encinal, Texas.


Sabino Frac has current capacity of 237,000 HP and has completed over 15,000 stages in various formations throughout South Texas with increasing success and efficiency gains year over year. Sabino is considered one of the most reliable and highest performing fleets in south Texas, with the capability to meet the most demanding pressure and pump rate requirements in the industry.


Sabino Wireline utilizes three cased-hole wireline units in conjunction with the most advanced perforating systems to support Lewis Energy’s completion activity. The Wireline department is focused on providing the most reliable cased-hole betmgm online casino reviewselectric line service for perforating, logging, packer setting, and tractor conveyed operations. All this is accomplished while minimizing the cost associated with traditional wireline services and allowing the internal flexibility to change scheduling as needed.

Coil Tubing

Sabino Coil Tubing provides a wide range of both thru-tubing and extended lateral intervention services via 1-1/4”, 2”, and 2-5/8” coil tubing units. These units minimize shut-in time of production volume by providing an available unit at any time to address any issues encountered thus adding to overall well completion efficiency.

Water Services

Sabino Water Services supports Lewis Energy’s D&C activity through various operations BetMGM Online Bettingsuch as water transfer, water well maintenance, and water pit maintenance. The majority of Lewis Energy’s water infrastructure and resources are developed internally which makes the water services team essential to support all Lewis Energy’s D&C activity.

Drilling Fluids

The Drilling Fluids department provides specialized mud formulations, both Water-based and Oil-based, and material deliveries from our warehouse to location, and on-site engineering to Lewis Energy Group’s fleet of drilling rigs. The Drilling Fluids facility is state-of-the-art in scope and ability with the capacity to test all mud and chemistry formulations in house and the capacity to provide service to betmgm online casino reviewsover 20 operable rigs.

Janco Commercial Saltwater Disposal Facility

The Janco SWD is a 24/7 commercial facility strategically situated in Encinal, Texas with a capacity of 20,000 BBLs/day. Our location allows our customers to reduce their last mile logistics costs because of the proximity to their well sites. The 7-lane off-loading deck is designed to offload up to 7 trucks with a fast offload time.

La Salle Sand Terminal and Industrial Park

La Salle Railway is strategically situated in Encinal, Texas on the La Salle/Webb County line. Our location allows our customers to reduce their last mile logistics costs because of the proximity to their well sites. We can store 23,000 tons of sand, vertical and flat and have railcar betmgm online live dealer gamestorage for over 300 cars on our tracks. Our access to Union Pacific’s Mainline and proximity to Interstate Highway 35 allows us to efficiently move products to and from major markets in Texas, including Laredo, Eagle Pass, Cotulla, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi.